FOX "Sleepy Hollow" Season 2 Production is Heating Up in Wilmington

The FOX hit television series "Sleepy Hollow" is getting ready for their second season.

The production offices at EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington have re-opened their doors and according to, filming is to start again on May 6th. The supernatural show, which first aired their season finale in January, centers on a resurrected Icahbod Crane as he attempts to save mankind from the end of the world and the deadly Headless Horseman. Executive producer Mark Goffman commented on season two. "It's a season about war, it's a season about redemption. What do you do when your son becomes the Horseman of War in the apocalypse? Ichabod is going to have to contemplate assuming he gets out of the pine box he's in. [THR>" Producers hinted that there will be new villains coming in to Sleepy Hollow for Ichabod and Co. to worry about. Though they were coy, they shared some details as to who will be joining the war. "War doesn't work by itself," co-creator/executive producer Roberto Orci teased. "There are a lot of amazing foot soldiers coming, familiar and also original." Now producers hiring crew members to work on the production. To apply, send your resume to: [email protected]  Are you ready for season 2? Leave us a comment below! Source: