Man in Hedgehog Suit Brings a Bomb to TV Station

Man in an animal suit brings a bomb to Baltimore TV station.

Police are currently investigating a bomb threat at a Baltimore TV station. According to reports, a man who walked into a Baltimore TV station wearing an animal jumpsuit and what police said was a "surgical-style mask" was taken down by police on Thursday afternoon. Security guard Jourael Apostolides said the man walked into the FOX 45 news station's lobby, insisting he had information to share with the news station. He dressed oddly, and appeared to be in a full-body animal jumpsuit and boots, Apostolides said. Apostolides said the man was wearing a bomb or something that looked like a bomb. He said he secretly called 911. Apostolides didn't let the man into the lobby but took a flash drive from the man. The guard said it contained video of the man talking space and the government. Employees evacuated the station and walked around outside, including reporters and photographers. The station continued to broadcast in an automation mode while the situation unfolded behind the scenes, according to reports. Apparently, the man was shot by police after walking out of the TV station.
Station employee Casey Clark Jr. livestreamed the entire event on Periscope. Police could be heard shouting “Get on the ground!” several times, but the man ignored them. One officer could be heard shouting “Watch your crossfire,” after which shooting began. Baltimore PD spokesman T.J. Smith said during a 3:30 PM press conference that the suspect is still alive and conscious, and is still ignoring police orders transmitted via robot to remove his hands from his pockets. Despite initial reports that police may have been using nonlethal ammunition like bean bags, Smith said that the police sniper used normal ammunition. [via>
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