The First Latina "SNL" Cast Member Has Been Deleting "Racist" Tweets

The first Latina SNL cast member has reportedly been deleting racist tweets from her Twitter account.

Last week, Saturday Night Live cast comedian and actress Melisa Villaseñor, making her the show's first Latina cast member. It was big news and definitely an accomplishment for the Hispanic community. But, a week after the news broke, reports surfaced that Villaseñor had been deleting old tweets. Writer Aura Bogado broke the news. She first noticed something weird with Melissa's account. Apprently, 2k tweets were deleted in 5 days.

Thousands of those tweets were saved before it was deleted and many people are calling them racist.

sub-buzz-4616-1474570345-6sub-buzz-4593-1474569940-8sub-buzz-4578-1474569833-8sub-buzz-3983-1474568824-11sub-buzz-13107-1474568456-2Since the now deleted tweets have gone viral, many people have gone to Twitter to voice their outrage with the new SNL cast member.

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