Entertainment NewsFight for Fair Pay: The Blair Witch Project Cast Demand Adequate Compensation

Fight for Fair Pay: The Blair Witch Project Cast Demand Adequate Compensation


Key Takeaways:

– The original Blair Witch cast have never fairly been compensated for their roles in the hit movie despite its worldwide box-office success.
– Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams were promised 1% of the profits, but received only token payment and later, a meager settlement of $300,000 for several years.
– Amid new developments on the Blair Witch franchise, the stars are calling for residuals equivalent to what's due through SAG- standards.
– While they pursue this justice, Donahue and Williams are still facing a struggle in their acting careers due to the lasting impact of their roles in the original movie.

The Blair Witch Project Cast Fight for

Last April, Lionsgate and Blumhouse Productions made headlines when they announced a multi-picture agreement to recreate classic from Lionsgate's collection. The first movie up for this thrilling venture is The Blair Witch Project. However, this news has reignited an old flame – original cast members Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams have raised their voices about the inadequate financial compensation they received for their roles in the blockbuster.

For a movie that raked in $248 million globally, having been produced on a budget of just $35,000, the characters have surprisingly to show for its success. They each earned a meager $500 per week during production and were promised a 1% share of any profit beyond $1 million. Sadly, this did not mirror the movie's box-office smash.

The Real-Life Struggles of the Blair Witch Trio

Despite their on-screen fame, the trio faced real-life challenges. With the film's success, their fruit basket compensations and meager paychecks like a slap in the face. While the movie grossed millions, Donahue was relying on her 15-year-old vehicle for transportation, Leonard was catering on the side, and Williams was working for a moving company.

When Artisan , which is now Lionsgate, capitalized on their fame by releasing Blair Witch merchandise and building a franchise, they had to take legal action to receive their rightful dues. This led to a settlement of $300,000, shared between them, over some years.

The Fight Continues

The trouble didn't stop there. Lionsgate continued using their names and images without permission, causing them to invoke the settlement terms again. Major instances include the use of Donahue's younger brother's narrative in the 2016 Blair Witch movie and the unauthorized use of her in the 2022 film ‘Tár'.

In recent interviews, the cast made it clear that they seek residuals that match what would be normally offered through . They also want to consult on any future Blair Witch project, urging the production companies to respect their self-worth and quit using their names and images without due compensation.

The Directors Respond

The film's directors and shared their hopes for the actors to find satisfaction in their discussions with Lionsgate while simultaneously celebrating The Blair Witch Project's legacy. Yet, Leonard and Donahue continue to call out Lionsgate's behavior, requesting proper recognition of their worth.

In a world where large corporations often neglect the rights of young artists, the struggles of The Blair Witch Project cast are a stark reminder that it's time for a change. Let's support our artists and ensure they're fairly compensated for their work. Share your thoughts on this issue in the comments below.

Note: For more in-depth information, visit 's comprehensive article on this issue.

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