Fifty Shades of Grey Books Tested Positive for Herpes Virus

Herpes in books? Yes!

Belgian researchers decided to do toxicology tests on books checked out from the Antwerp library recently. Of the 10 books tested, they found that all 10 contained traces of cocaine, this being. They said the amount of coke found wasn’t enough to get you high, but might’ve been enough to make you fail a drug test. Meanwhile, Fifty Shades of Grey, EL James’ erotic Twilight fan-fiction best-seller, tested positive for the herpes virus. Aw, gross,
Fifty Shades of Grey, your weird aunt’s favorite mainstream erotic series, tested positive for traces of the herpes virus. The professors assured everyone that concentrations of the virus were so minimal that there is no public health risk and it would be impossible for people to contract it by touching the book. [Time>
Any suggestions to preventing yourself from Literary Transmitted Diseases? Maybe you should just wash your hands after you leave the library. image source: