'Fear the Walking Dead' Star Arrested for Battery

Fear the Walking Dead star, Frank Dillane, was arrested battery.

While the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead may be over, the drama is just getting started. According to TMZ, the series actor Frank Dillane, who plays Nick Clark, was arrested on Sunday after a fight on the CBS lot. According to TMZ, Dillane, who also starred in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was arrested after getting in a physical altercation with a CBS security guard. Sources told TMZ that Dillane tried to bypass the security checkpoint, however, guards stopped him and he was detained with a citizens arrest. In addition, one of the guards said the actor's behavior was "erratic." Shortly after Dillane was detained, the LAPD arrived and booked the 25-year-old with battery. Via: TMZ What do you think happened? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.