Does 'Fear The Walking Dead' Have a Serious Ratings Problem?

Fear The Walking Dead may have a serious ratings problem.

Sunday night's Fear The Walking Dead season 2 premiere ratings have hit a series low and it was the first episode of the season. Related: Here’s the Reason Why ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Will Film in Mexico The good news for Fear the Walking Dead is that its Season 2 premiere on Sunday was the number one show on TV by a pretty wide margin. However, the bad news is that the ratings were a series low of a 3.1, which is way down from the 4.9 premiere in 2015, according to TV By The Numbers. That's bad news as ratings tend to decrease as the season continues putting, AMC in quite a predicament. While the Variety praises the Walking Dead spinoff by saying: "It shows you how big “The Walking Dead” is that its spinoff can garner less than half the original’s rating yet still stand as Sunday’s top program in both adults 18-49 (3.1 rating) and 25-54 (3.6 rating)," it does show that Fear the Walking Dead is nothing like the original TV series. Related: Ratings Finally Increase on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ In fact, many people who watched the first season 2 episode of Fear the Walking Dead quickly went on Twitter to bash the series: Even TV critics couldn't stand the first episode of Season 2. Ben Travers, TV critic with indieWire says, "After sifting through the first two episodes of Season 2, it's clear taking to the ocean is the only change the writers were willing to make." Tim Goodman from The Hollywood Reporter said: "More than anything, the visual presentation of season two paints an intriguing contrast to The Walking Dead -- but the chemistry isn't close to where it needs to be right now to make the show more compelling." Related: Ratings Drop Over 30% on ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ The next episode of Fear The Walking Dead "We All Fall Down" centers around the group as they try to find shelter with a survivalist family while, Madison tries to uncover the family's true motives. Meanwhile, Salazar works to discover Strand's intentions. Hopefully, the action and ratings will improve in the next episode. (Via TV By The Numbers)

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