'Fantastic Four': Josh Trank and Miles Teller Fight On Set

Josh Trank, director of 'Fantastic Four' nearly got into a fist fight with Miles Teller.

Months before 'Fantastic Four' hit theaters, there were rumors of trouble on set of 'Fantastic Four.' Fox's latest attempt to successfully bring Marvel's foursome to the big screen failed miserably. Particularly, director Josh Trank was said to be difficult to work with on set, leading to an uneasy set atmosphere during filming. Now that 'Fantastic Four' has hit theaters and delivered underwhelming box office numbers, the behind the scene details have been released to the public explaining all of the on-set drama that unfolded during production. Earlier this week, several accounts from crew members who worked on 'Fantastic Four' emerged, portraying Josh Trank as "combative" and "withdrawn." Fantastic Four Josh Trank Now, another report from EW reveals more of the trouble that occurred with Josh Trank during production, including a near brawl with one of 'Fantastic Four's leading actors. Trank reportedly fought the studio to ensure Miles Teller was cast in the role of Reed Richards, but as shooting went on and the problems worsened, tensions escalated between the two filmmakers. Miles Teller personality did not rub well with Josh Trank's short temper, causing a major disagreement between the two. Helga Esteb / Helga Esteb / Things got so bad on set that Josh Trank and Miles Teller nearly got into a fist fight, with both daring the other to swing first. No one ended up getting punched, but it still didn't help the relationship between Josh Trank and the rest of the cast, including Kate Mara. Kobby Dagan / Josh Trank didn't want to cast Mara as Sue Storm, but apparently, Fox - the studio behind 'Fantastic Four' - decided to choose Mara anyway. As a result, his attitude towards her while filming was described as "abusive and cold." It is impossible to truly tell what actually went down on set of 'Fantastic Four' but, there is one thing that's clear, there was major issues. Fantastic Four Despite all of the behind-the-scenes problems, Fox has remained quiet about the future of 'Fantastic Four.' The latest from Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson indicated that although the studio is disappointed” with the low turnout, they “remain committed to these characters.” Source: EW (via Yahoo! Movies)