Fan Theory Says 'Breaking Bad' is a Prequel to 'Walking Dead' [VIDEO]

Did Breaking Bad's Walter White cause The Walking Dead zombie outbreak?

A fan theory has been hitting the internet for a while connecting the two TV shows, but a new video courtesy of Netflix brings it all together. Here's how the theory goes: Walter White accidentally starts the zombie apocalypse thanks to his blue meth. Anyone who smoked enough would eventually turn into a zombie. While it's a stretch, it does connect two of the best TV shows of our time. There are a few hidden secrets in the shows. Including a Walking Dead scene where Daryl has bag of blue meth. In addition, Daryl explains his brother's drug dealer, “janky little white guy” fond of calling people “bitch.” Sounds a lot like Jesse Pinkman, right? Check out the video below: fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.