'Family Guy' Ratings Hit an All Time Low

Is this the end of Family Guy? According to Nielsen ratings, 'Family Guy's ratings are at an all time low.

Season 13 of Family Guy only had 5.86 million viewers on average. Since, 2005 the ratings have continued to slowly decline and drop. In Season 4 of Family Guy, 7.9 million people watched 'Family Guy' every Sunday night. But, over the course of 9 years, the ratings have continued to slow down to a around 5 million viewers an episode. So it begs the question - why are people not watching 'Family Guy' like they used to? Don't get me wrong there are still a couple of good moments now and then but, it looks as though the show's writing has taken a turn for the worse. Nowadys, Peter talks to the audience breaking the fourth wall every 5 minutes. The storylines are completely ridiculous with 20 second conclusions. The cutaways are getting longer to basically waste time and character development is pathetic. Brian used to be the voice of reason and now he's a jerk. Stewie was an evil genius now he is a character only there for gay jokes. It seems that after 13 seasons they can literally write anything they want because they will still make money. At the end of the day I think Patrice O'Neale said it the best during the Roast of Charlie Sheen:

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