Entertainment NewsExamining the Intense Climax of 1989's Little Monsters

Examining the Intense Climax of 1989’s Little Monsters


Key Takeaways:

• JoBlo's successful ‘The Best ' series is exploring 1989's creature feature Monsters.
• Little Monsters is a about a young boy who befriends the boogeyman under his bed.
• The film has a stellar cast including, Fred Savage, , and others.

Folks, let's put on our nostalgia goggles and dive back into one of my childhood favorites – the 1989 creature comedy, ‘Little Monsters.' If you've been following JoBlo's journey through the greatest moments in and creature feature films, you know it's been a wild ride. This time, we're exploring the climactic moments of ‘Little Monsters.'

About the

Directed by Richard Greenberg, Little Monsters is an adventurous ride. Picture this: A kid named Brian isn't scared of the monster living under his bed. Instead, he befriends the wild-eyed boogeyman, Maurice, and they become best buddies. They spend their nights in the monster world, causing mischief in sleeping kids' lives. But things take an exciting twist when Brian realizes he's turning into a monster!

The film boasts a fantastic cast. Remember Fred Savage? Yep, he's Brian. Howie Mandel plays Maurice, the funny boogeyman. The film also features Daniel Stern, Margaret Whitton, Rick Ducommun, Frank Whaley, Ben Savage, William Murray Weiss, Devin Ratray, and Amber Barretto.

The Best Scene Series

JoBlo's own Lance Vlcek has been walking us through the most epic scenes in the horror and creature feature genre as a part of ‘The Best Scene' series. If you don't know about it already, check it out! The latest episode about ‘Little Monsters' is a must-watch. Have you watched it yet?

Your Thoughts are Important

Are you a fan of ‘Little Monsters?' What did you think about the best scene video? Let us know in the comments below. And if you disagree about the best scene, we can't wait to hear what scene made your top spot.


Don't stop at just one episode. Two previous episodes in ‘The Best Scene' series are ready for you right below. For more episodes, head on over to the JoBlo Horror Originals channel. And hey, don't forget to hit subscribe while you're there!

In a nutshell, if you're a fan of spooky, creepy films with a dash of humor, ‘Little Monsters' is one film you wouldn't want to miss. And of course, JoBlo's ‘The Best Scene' gives you a delightful scoop of this film. So, buckle up and explore the exciting world of creature feature classics!

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