Everything You Missed in The Walking Dead 'The Distance'

Everything You Missed in The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 11: 'The Distance'

The Walking Dead continued last night with Season 5, Episode 11: The Distance. We watched Rick Grimes and company questioned Aaron to the brink of torture. Maggie Greene and Sasha met the new cast member in the final seconds of Episode 10, and although they were pretty quick to trust the newcomer Rick was a lot more cautious and even knocked Aaron out cold in order to inspect his belongings. The-Walking-Dead-5x11-850x560 In his paranoid state,  Rick insisted the group split up into factions and figure out if Aaron was really telling the truth. However, things took a turn for the worse when Rick's new set of mapquest directions took him down a dangerous path filled with walkers. To add insult to injury, their car would no longer start and Aaron reveals he was listening in on the group's conversations. Eventually the two groups met up, and Aaron was reunited with his boyfriend, Eric, who sustained a broken ankle. The couple shared a passionate kiss that had Twitter buzzing. The next morning the group, boarded the RV and headed to the community that Aaron now revealed to be the Alexandria Safe Zone. Despite several setbacks everyone arrived to the new location and you can hear children laughing inside. Things may be looking up for the survivors.

[Spoiler Alert> Here is what you can expect in Season 5, Episode 12. Robert Kirkman dropped some hints on characters arriving soon in The Walking Dead Season 5, that are connected to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, which we should see by Episode 12.
I would say there’s a significant number of new characters possibly on the horizon, and a fair number of those are going to be directly adapted from the comic, which is always very exciting. And a few of those are going to be changed up quite a bit for various reasons. So it’ll be kind of a mixed bag…
One of the new characters include Pete who was name dropped during Season 5, Episode 11 when Aaron told Noah they have an "outstanding surgeon" to help with Noah's leg. According to the comic books, Pete Anderson, who is a doctor is pretty much a jerk to his family and others but, the guy is given a pass because he's the only surgeon in the community. What do you think?Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.