Eminem Turned Down Millions Not to Star in a Movie With 50 Cent

Back in the day, Eminem apparently turned down $8 million to co-star alongside 50 Cent in a movie where they would play fictional gang members in his Detroit hometown.

“It was a film where we were supposed to be playing two guys from different sides of the tracks,” 50 Cent explained to Q magazine (via in an interview that’s set to run later this month. “His thing was he didn’t like to leave Detroit … So I said, ‘Hey, they want to give you eight million dollars to do it and we don’t have to leave Detroit, so you can go home every night!’” 50 Cent to Star in Disney’s Malefiftycent Eminem was not interested: “He read the synopsis and was like, ‘It’s cool but we should do something like The Warriors,'” referencing the 1979 cult movie about the rivalry between New York City gangs. 50 argued: “‘I said, ‘The Warriors? What the fuck, Em? The Warriors? Did you just hear me say they want to give you eight million dollars and you don’t have to leave Detroit?’ He didn’t give a f**k.” So the movie was never made. Probably for the better of Eminem and 50 cent's acting careers. However, that money would have come in handy about now, since 50 Cent is facing bankruptcy and Eminem got sued $8 million over an uncleared sample.