Eddie Murphy Says 'Beverly Hills Cop 3' was "Garbage"

Eddie Murphy calls his last Beverly Hills Cop movie total "garbage".

Eddie Murphy doesn't really like his most recent Beverly Hills Cop feature film. In a recent interview with Playboy, the comedic actor said that the 1994 action comedy Beverly Hills Cop 3 was garbage and he's probably right, the movie ended up making only $42 million domestically becoming a box-office bomb.
I don’t think it’s gonna happen in March, but it is gonna be in Detroit. And before it happens, they’ve got to get that script right. That movie has to be right. The third Beverly Hills Cop was garbage. Those movies, when I travel overseas, people say [in a foreign accent> “Hey, Beverly Hills Cop! Axel Foley!” They call me that shit. All the movies I’ve done, and they call me that. If we do that movie, it has to be right. Not just thrown together to get a big check. I don’t need anymore of those.
The actor even pointed out that he worked on a Beverly HIlls Cop TV pilot and test audiences hated watching him on TV.
I was gonna be in the pilot, and they thought I should be recurring. I’m not gonna do Beverly Hills Cop on TV. I remember when they tested it — they had this little knob that you turn if you like it or you don’t like it. So when Axel shows up in the pilot, some people turned the knob so much, they broke it. So the network decided “if he isn’t recurring, then this isn’t gonna happen.” So it didn’t happen.
Eddie Murphy's most recent production is going to be a lot less funny. Murphy worked with the guy who directed Driving Miss Daisy, the movie that launched Morgan Freeman's career, called the cook.
It’s really serious and sad. I play a cook who is also a musician. It’s about a guy who is hired to cook for this single mom who has a terminal disease. She’s supposed to be dying in six months, so he takes care of her and her daughter for six months, and what happens is she fights, and lives for six years. My character gets pulled into this family, this tragedy. It’s a true story and a really, really cool tearjerker.
In the generation of Reboots, Sequels and Prequels I think they should just make Coming to America 2 starring Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart. But, what do you think of Eddie Murphy's acting career? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below! Coming to America GifDiscuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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