Dyson Reveals Their Radically Amazing Hairdryer [VIDEO]

Dyson has revealed its radically different hairdryer and it's pretty amazing.

After making it's name in the vacuum cleaner business, Dyson has branched out to a new field of product design with its Supersonic hairdryer. While a somewhat preditable start off its beauty line with, the Supersonic hairdryer addresses several weaknesses in the hairdryer industry. dyson-supersonic-hairdryer-2 Firstly, the hairdryer includes a 13-blade V9 digital motor inside the handle, drawing in air at 110,000rpm which puts the noise it produces in the ultrasonic range making it inaudible to human ears. A microprocessor also adjusts the performance to solve extreme heat damage to hair, while the product is also weight balanced for easier handling. The result is a four-year $71 million USD research and development process that included 103 engineers, 600 different prototypes and over 100 patents pending. The Supersonic hairdryer will sell for $400 USD exclusively at Sephora outlets starting this September.

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