'Drop Dead Diva' Officially Canceled Again.

Diva Canceled Again

'Drop Dead Diva' has been officially canceled again, for the second time. The show was initially canceled nearly a year ago, but after negotiations, was picked up for a fifth season. This year, 'Drop Dead Diva' will finish the sixth season and conclude after the 13th episode of the sixth season. Lifetime Network recently announced that 'Drop Dead Diva' will begin the last season with a two hour premiere, starting March 23. From the moment that the LifeTime Network originally decided to resurrect 'Drop Dead Diva' from the dead, it has seen very strong ratings for their new shows, 'Devious Maids' and 'The Witches of East End'. Whereas, 'Drop Dead Diva' did not increase the number of viewers during their fifth season. LifeTime even added two additional, hour long series to their network. The two new series include: 'The Lottery' and 'Line-up'. 'Drop Dead Diva' will be missed. Photo Credit: Facebook