Drew Barrymore Shares the Best Piece of Acting Advice Spielberg Ever Told Her

Drew Barrymore received some of the best piece of acting advice from Steven Spielberg when she was just 7 years old and has carried his wise words throughout her acting career.

“When Steven Spielberg gives you advice, you listen,” she explained at Self magazine and Fidelity’s “Empowering Conversations” event in New York on Tuesday. Opportunities to appear in commercials and endorsements rained in after the child actress starred in E.T. but Barrymore, 40, said Spielberg discouraged her from appearing in commercials. “I remember him saying to me, ‘Please don’t do that.’ My mom and I were from a [single-parent> home. We weren’t doing very well economically. It was extremely tantalizing to take these opportunities. He said, ‘in the broad vision of life, it will water you down. And if you choose your battles carefully, it will be a lot more meaningful,'” she recalled. “At seven with a single-mother home, that was really hard to stay in that type of strict mandate.” Apparently, the words really struck a chord with Drew Barrymore, who didn't appear on endorsements until she was offered a CoverGirl deal almost 30 years later. “They came along and they said we’d love to work with you as a spokesmodel. And I said I am not a spokesmodel. I am Josie Grossie. So that’s not gonna work but I really appreciate the idea. However, I love producing and I love being behind things and I love photographers and I love graphics. I studied all of that stuff forever so, maybe one day. And they were like okay. Then they came back and they said would you ever consider being co-creative director? And I said yes. That I would love to do,” she said. Recent Actor tips: What do you think of Drew Barrymore's acting tips? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!