Dramatic Loss in Wages for Actors? How Streaming Platforms are Killing a Career


With online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon there are more opportunities for actors to work.

However, it is becoming more apparent that these streaming shows do not make as much money as regular television series. On most occasions, when as how becomes successful on network television, the series is renewed, the lead actors of the show will most likely receive a pay raise. The pay raise is typically based around the ratings for a television show. However, since viewership statistics are not publicly available, there is no statistical proof that the show is performing that well and cannot be used in payment negotiations. These streaming outlets are subscription based and not advertisement based. "The Big Bang Theory" makes over $300,000 for every 30 second ad but, because Netflix and other platforms use subscriptions there is no point to releasing their viewing figures. They only concern for these platforms is the increase in subscriber growth. As streaming becomes more and more popular, it will become tougher for actors that are linked to streaming productions to argue for a higher pay. "We have to figure out how to adjust the math in order to calculate the value of these shows to the streaming channels," says attorney David Fox. Overtime it is expected for changes to occur but, in the mean time many actors may be cutting their paycheck short by signing on the dotted line of a streaming platform production. Photo Credit: Gil C / What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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