Drake's Vocal Coach is an Amazing Woman from Atlanta

Drake's vocal coach reveals amazing singing tips and stories about the rapper turned singer.

Drake's new album Views from the 6 is one of the most popular albums of his music career. But before Drake changed the hip-hop industry from rap lyrics to melodic choruses, Drake was getting singing lessons from an Atlanta vocal coach, Dionne Osborne Related: Drake Wants to Take Over Hollywood and Start Acting Again So what does Dionne Osborne, Drake's vocal coach, have to say about singing in the entertainment and music industry? Apparently, a lot. The vocal coach recently spoke with Jezebel about training Drake, singing and details about the hip-hop music industry.
Teaching is an awesome creative process. Every person is like a new puzzle. You have to figure out, how are you getting that sound out, and how do I stop it? Singing always came so naturally to me, and working with people for whom it doesn't is a big reward.

Dionne also talked about meeting Drake for the first time and teaching him how to sing.

On our first session, I told him that my goal was to make him a singer who raps, not a rapper who sings. I know Drake loves rapping, that's his first love. But the road is just littered with rappers who sing. They all try it. If you love music, you love singin, but not everyone succeeds.


She then focused on training Drake on how to sing on tour and the stories are pretty incredible.

A lot of it was educating his tour group about how to help him manage being on the road. I took him to a Wal-Mart in the middle of Kansas, or somewhere, and made them put a humidifier on the bus. He needed the humidifier on the bus because it was so dry in there. Later on in the tour, Drake thought he was having trouble singing, so I showed up to help. He was getting his haircut and I took one look at his face and said, "Oh, baby, you're sick." I could see it in his eyes. Well, after sending one of the guys back on the bus to retrieve the humidifier, I opened up that humidifier and I just wanted to kill somebody. I laid into them, "You see this pink stuff? THIS IS MOLD. THIS IS WHY HE'S SICK."
You can read the full interview and a funny story about Drake attending after parties here. If you're interested in getting singing lessons from Dionne Osbourne, then you can visit her Facebook Page here. Related: Drake Releases New Song “Summer Sixteen” Via Jezebel

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