Dr. Seuss TV Series Coming Soon to Netflix

Netflix announces Dr. Seuss 'Green Eggs and Ham' animated series coming soon to Netflix.

Netflix is planning on creating an animated TV show out of Dr. Seuss's famous 'Green Eggs and Ham' book. According to reports, Netflix is planning on creating a 13 episode first season.
The show will follow inventor Guy and friend Sam-I-Am as they travel on a voyage across the country that “tests the limits of their friendship.” If the source material is anything to go by, we’ll get to watch Sam-I-Am attempt to force-feed his friend spoiled food in various locations, while we learn how to work with rudimentary rhyming schemes. More plot details are yet to be revealed but — spoiler alert — Netflix says that the characters will eventually eat the eponymous Green Eggs and Ham. [via>
This basically shows the world that the film industry can and probably will turn anything popular into a movie. Let us not forget the upcoming 'Play-doh' movie coming soon.  

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