Disney to Pay $1 Million for Undiscovered Pitchers

Disney's latest movie 'Million Dollar Arm' is turning the movie into a publicity event that could win the average guy a million dollars.

The Million Dollar Arm Pitching contest starts April 25th  at Disneyland and Disney World and on April 26 in New York City's Tribeca neighborhood for amateur baseball enthusiasts who think they can pitch like a MLB pro. According to USAToday, the contest is to follow the sports movie, which centers on the true story of the sports agent JB Bernstein who left to India to discover the next great MLB pitchers among young cricket players in India.
Three hardest-throwing contestants from each location will not only win tickets to Million Dollar Arm's May 6 Hollywood premiere, but on the big night, all nine will have a chance to nab a cool $1 million — provided he or she can land a smokin' 100 mph strike.
Here is how the Disney contest works (official rules here). Are you ready to make a million dollars? Start practicing! Are you going to attend the casting call for undiscovered pitchers? Share with us your story below, in the comments!