27 Shows That Never Hired a Woman or Minority Director This Year

Here are the 27 TV shows that never hired a women or a minority director this year.

The Director's Guild of America looked over 270 scripted TV series, finding that the hiring of first-time directors "perpetuated the status quo."

According to a new DGA study, white men still dominate TV directing jobs. From 2014 to 2015, men dominated 84% of all TV shows. Those number represent little to no change from last year. The female number of jobs increased by two percent, while the number of minority directed episodes decreased by one percent. However, the total number of scripted episodes increased by 10 percent, from 3,562 to 3,910 which means women and minorities were able to direct more shows in absolute numbers. “The uptick in the number of episodes directed by women – modest but hopeful – is just a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done by studios, networks and showrunners before we can begin to realize equal opportunities in television for our members,” said DGA president Paris Barclay. “With so many more episodes and work opportunities, employers should seize the opportunity for diversity with their choices, especially when it comes to first-time episodic directors.” Some of the "worst" shows include HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Showtime’s Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan, all of which hired no female or minority directors, according to the DGA.

Here are the shows with the worst records of hiring women and minority directors for the 2014-2015 TV season.

1.         Banshee (Home Box Office, Inc./Cinemax/Home Box Office, Inc.) – 0% 2.         Black Sails (Starz Pirates Productions, LLC/Starz!/Starz, LLC) – 0% 3.         Boardwalk Empire (Home Box Office, Inc./HBO/Home Box Office, Inc.) - 0% 4.         The Brink (Home Box Office, Inc./HBO/Home Box Office, Inc.) - 0% 5.         The Comeback (Home Box Office, Inc./HBO/Home Box Office, Inc.) - 0% 6.         The Comedians (TVM Productions, Inc./FX/Fox Television Studios, Inc.) - 0% 7.         Dominion (Universal Network Television LLC/Syfy/Universal Network Television LLC)  - 0% 8.         The Exes (King Street Productions Inc./TV Land/Hudson Street Productions, Inc., a subsidiary of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International, Inc.) - 0% 9.         The Expanse (Expanding Universe Productions, LLC/Syfy/Alcon Television Group, LLC) - 0% 10.     Flesh and Bone (Starz Ballet Productions, LLC/Starz!/Starz Ballet Productions, LLC) - 0% 11.     Galavant (Film 49 Productions, Inc./ABC/ABC, Inc.) - 0% 12.     Gracepoint(Concord Productions, Inc./FOX/Concord Productions, Inc) - 0% 13.     Granite Flats (Remnant Pictures LLC/PBS/Remnant Pictures LLC) - 0% 14.     Henry Danger (Uptown Productions Inc./Nickelodeon/MTV Networks, a division of    Viacom International, Inc.) - 0% 15.     It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Sunny Television Productions, Inc./FXX/Sunny Television Productions, Inc.) - 0% 16.     Man Seeking Woman (Minim Productions, Inc./FXX/Minim Productions, Inc.) - 0% 17.     Marco Polo (Siggco Inc./Netflix/Siggco Inc.) -0% 18.     Masters of Sex (Remote Broadcasting, Inc./Showtime/CPT Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television) - 0% 19.     Mom (Warner Bros. Television/CBS/Warner Bros. Television, a division of Warner Bros. Studio Enterprises) - 0% 20.     Mystery Girls (Prodco, Inc./ABC Family/Prodco, Inc., a subsidiary of Disney) - 0% 21.     Powers (Playstation Series)/Mesquite Productions, Inc./PlayStation/CPT Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television) - 0% 22.     Ray Donovan(Showtime Pictures Development Company/Showtime/Showtime Pictures Development Company) - 0% 23.     Sirens (TVM Productions, Inc./USA Network/Fox Television Studios, Inc.) - 0% 24.     The Strain (Strain USA Productions, Inc./FX/Strain USA Productions, Inc.) - 0% 25.     Two Broke Girls (Bonanza Productions Inc./CBS/Warner Bros. Television, a division of Warner Bros. Studio Enterprises) - 0% 26.     Workaholics (50/50 Productions, LLC/Comedy Central/Avalon Television, Inc.) - 0% 27.     You're The Worst (Worst Productions, Inc./FX/Worst Productions, Inc.) – 0%
You can check out the DGA's "Worst Of" and "Best Of" list in The Hollywood Reporter's report here.

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