'Deputy' Gets Canceled After One Season

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Phoenix, Arizona / USA: January 28, 2016: logo of Fox Cable Networks on a wall in Phoenix.

Deputy’ is canceled at Fox.

The Albuquerque and Los Angeles filmed series, ‘Deputy’ is over. The new drama won’t return for a second season, according to reports.

‘Deputy’ starred Stephen Dorff as Bill Hollister, a police officer who becomes the new sheriff of Los Angeles County thanks to an old law in the county constitution. Yara Martinez from ‘Jane the Virgin’ co-starred as Bill’s wife Paula, and ‘Arrow’ alum Box Taylor-Klaus was a leading actor as Bill’s deputy Brianna Bishopp.

The show premiered in January and ended its freshman run on March 26. The show ended with 13 episodes.

Why did Fox cancel ‘Deputy’?

‘Deputy’ had low ratings. The series averaged about 0.6 demographic across 13 episodes; it ranked 11th among all Fox scripted series. In total viewers (3.7 million), it ranked fifth, only behind 9-1-1s, ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘The Resident.’ However, to survive, it is essential to be relevant to the key demographic of 18 to 35-year-olds.

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