Entertainment NewsDelving Into the Darkness: A Review of 'Kinds of Kindness'

Delving Into the Darkness: A Review of ‘Kinds of Kindness’


Key Takeaways:
– ‘Kinds of Kindness' is a comedic yet twisted take on love, personal freedom, and human nature, brought to you by acclaimed Yorgos Lanthimos.
– The film features a trilogy of , each highlighting the readiness of individuals to conform for acceptance and love.
– The unconventional narrative and lack of straightforward resolutions make it a unique but puzzling viewing experience.
– The film stars and Jesse Plemons, who deliver terrific performances.

Entering the surreal world of Yorgos Lanthimos is like diving into a sea of paradoxes and peculiarities. His most recent in the theatre, ‘Kinds of Kindness,' already has scratching their heads, questioning whether the director is playing a mischievous game with us or not.

‘Kinds of Kindness' is both bizarre and captivating in its narrative. The film is divided into three distinct yet loosely connected stories, weaved together with a twisted sense of humor and centered on unconventional relationships and choices.

First off, we take a peek into the life of a businessman, always playing echo to his boss's decisions. However, when an unusual request prompts him to question his compliance, his life takes an unexpected turn. The second story transitions us into the life of a police officer whose wife returns after an extended absence. However, her strange behavior awakens his suspicions. The final tale brings us into the world of cult members on a peculiar quest for their next Messiah.

While ‘Kinds of Kindness' might initially strike viewers as peculiar, it paints a compelling picture of society's pressure to conform. The human urge to fit in, to seek acceptance, and to be loved underscores each narrative. Yet, through Lanthimos's dark humour lens, it twists into a satirical standoff where control, obedience and convertibility clash with affection and forgiveness.

It's also important to note the impressive ensemble, counted upon by Lanthimos to summon his peculiar vision to life. Emma Stone, a frequent collaborator and two-time Oscar nominee under Lanthimos's direction, offers stunning performances. Stone's ability to lay bare emotionally echoes the raw vulnerability of her character. However, it is Jesse Plemons who steals the show with his versatile performances across the three tales. Plemons showcases the broad scope of his acting capabilities, expertly shifting from friendly to ominous as he brings the stories to life.

Still, Lanthimos does push the boundaries of his experimental style, sometimes causing viewers to question the purpose of his work. For instance, his decision to frequently accompany scenes with a heavy Gregorian chant create moments laded with tension, but can also feel repetitive.

Moreover, the ambiguous and loose connections between the disparate stories can leave viewers feeling bewildered, as it's unclear how this character is to the overall film. The cherry on top comes when he ends his stories without clear resolutions, which can either intrigue or frustrate the viewers.

In the end, ‘Kinds of Kindness' is a fitting title for a film about human conditions and tendencies. It's a challenge, but also carries inherent in its complexity and uniqueness. While it might leave some viewers perplexed, others will revel in the quirkiness and provocative questions it raises about human nature and societal norms. So, if you have a taste for the unconventional and ready to question your understanding of kindness, this is your movie. However, be prepared, for it's a 165-minute long journey down the rabbit hole of dark comedy and human psychology. Trust me, it's not an everyday trip to the cinema.

As a side note, ‘Kinds of Kindness' gives its an opportunity. Not just to be watchers, but also interpreters, unmasking the film's meanings and motives as per individual perspectives. It's a work of art that doesn't spoon-feed the viewers, adding to its unique charm.

Finally, despite its prolonged length and puzzling nature, ‘Kinds of Kindness' is a film that doesn't shy away from unveiling the darker shades of human instincts, making it a must-watch for fans of offbeat cinema. So, are you ready to dive into this dark comedic adventure?

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