BOX OFFICE: 'Deadpool' is the #1 Movie in the World

Deadpool is the number one movie in the world.

Deadpool is on fire. Fox's breakout Marvel blockbuster delivered a massive $150 million in record breaking overseas box office debut. The R-rated saga of the sarcastic Marvel superhero matched its domestic record-breaking total with an eye-popping $150 million internationally. “Deadpool” opened at No. 1 in 60 of the 61 markets in which Twentieth Century Fox rolled it out and, as it did in North America, shattered multiple records along the way. Essentially making the movie, the #1 movie in the world. The only country that didn't seem to like Deadpool was Poland as moviegoers decided to go see a romantic comedy (Single Planet) directed by one of the country's top stars, Mitja Okorn. The movie stars Maciej Stuhr as a popular TV host and Agnieszka Więdłochę, whose character is described by the Polish web site Telemagzyn as a “hiding your sexiness music teacher.” But, losing out in Poland didn't stop Fox's top studio executives from celebrating because delivered the biggest Fox opening ever in 13 international markets including Australia ($10.4 million). Taiwan ($8.2 million), Brazil ($5.9 million), Hong Kong ($3.8 million and Malaysia ($2.9 million), according to TheWrap.

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