Entertainment NewsDaniel Craig Reveals His Worst Injury on The James Bond Set

Daniel Craig Reveals His Worst Injury on The James Bond Set


Title: Daniel Craig Recalls His Worst Injury During Tenure as James Bond

Key Takeaways:
– Daniel Craig sustained the worst injury of his James Bond tenure during an action sequence with in the .
– Despite his injury, Craig continued with a knee brace.
– Craig also accidentally broke Bautista's nose during a scene.
– Having left the character behind, both actors reunited in the 2022 Netflix hit, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

Daniel Craig's Physical Challenges as MI6

Daniel Craig, best known for his iconic portrayal of James Bond, has revealed that his worst injury occurred during an action sequence in the 2015 film, Spectre. Craig, whose tenure as the charismatic spy has spanned more than a decade, discussed his experiences on The Graham Norton Show.

The physical demands of the action-packed franchise led Craig to consider stepping down from his role after Spectre. Unfortunately, an injury he sustained during a scene with Marvel's Dave Bautista left him in agonizing pain. Bautista, who played a remorseless and destructive assassin Mr. Hink, posed significant challenges to Craig during their devastating fight sequences.

A Fight Sequence That Went Awry

Craig remembered that they had rehearsed the fighting sequence with Bautista for weeks. Despite being a professional wrestler, Bautista was extremely careful during their preparations. However, Craig encouraged Bautista to give it his all, resulting in an unfortunate incident. Craig ended up suffering a serious knee injury during the sequence.

Detailing the incident, Craig said, “I ended up on the wall, but my knee was sort of over there somewhere.” Despite the severe injury, Craig remained professional, continuing to film with the aid of a knee brace.

An Unexpected Accident

In a surprising revelation, Craig further shared that he had accidentally broken Bautista's nose while filming a similar sequence. Deciding to throw a punch, Craig said, “I hit him on the nose and I heard this crack, and I went, ‘Oh god no!' and ran away because I thought he was going to come after me.”

However, Bautista, a former WWE star, handled the situation with grace. He quickly realigned his nose and carried on with filming. In awe, Craig admitted, “He's a lot tougher than I am.”

No Animosity Between Craig and Bautista

Bautista reacted to Craig's revelation with humor, sharing that they hugged after the incident and carried on with filming. It is clear that there's no bad blood between the two stars. They even reunited on the Silver screen for the 2022 Netflix hit, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

Craig's revealing story illuminates the challenges and high stakes that come with portraying James Bond. Indeed, it is safe to say that few could handle the rigors as well as he did over his illustrious career. With Daniel Craig leaving the series behind, the legacy of his memorable portrayal as 007 seems destined to last for years to come.

For those wishing to revisit Craig's Bond legacy, Spectre, along with other installments of the franchise, is available for streaming on Prime .

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