'Dance Moms' Reality Star Indicted with Fraud Charges

Dance Moms reality star was indicted over bankruptcy fraud charges.

Dance Moms TV reality star Abby Lee Miller was charged Tuesday with bankruptcy fraud in concealing income from the TV show, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazettte.
Judge Thomas Agresti was about to approve her bankruptcy reorganization plan two years ago when he chanced upon her performances on national TV and realized she had lucrative contracts she wasn't telling anyone about. He was clicking through the channels one night and saw Ms. Miller’s “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” ads for “The Maniac is Back” and her appearance on “American Idol.” “I realized that there’s an awful lot of money coming into this plan, this case,” the judge said during a 2013 hearing, “and it hasn’t been disclosed.”
According to the indictment, she reorganized the business, she schemed to defraud the bankruptcy court by hiding her income from the Dance Moms show and related spinoffs, as well as dance instruction sessions and merchandise sales from her website.

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