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Cyndi Lauper and The Madonna Rivalry


Cyndi Lauper and The Rivalry: Reflecting on , Careers, and What Could Have Been


When giants clash, the rumble is felt around the globe. In the early 1980s, two titans of pop music, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper, emerged in . Lauper, best known for her hit track ‘Time After Time,' revealed in a recent interview that she believed Madonna didn't like her at the onset of their careers. Let's dissect what this means for aspiring musicians and what we can learn from it.

Key Takeaways:

– Misconstrued competition can hinder growth and potential friendships
– Authenticity is key: standing out doesn't mean copying others
– Preparing for a tour or stage performance is akin to training for a sports competition
– Age is no boundary for professionalism and commitment

Breaking Down The Rivalry

Back in their early days, both Lauper and Madonna released their debut albums in 1983. The pop world, eager for new talent, quickly put the two in a rivalry. From Lauper's perspective, she didn't find this amusing nor fruitful. She even felt that Madonna disliked her, which served to fuel the split. Pitting two pros together isn't the best way to build a healthy , she remarked.

Lesson here: Misunderstanding and rivalry imposed by the public can often derail potential friendships and career-enhancing collaborations.

The Hairdo Tale

, particularly in the world, is an unspoken language. For Lauper and Madonna, it was no different. To avoid accusations of imitating Madonna, who had hair at the time, Cyndi chose to put a black spot on her hair. This speaks volumes about the pressures they faced to not just be unique, but to also visibly present themselves as different entities.

Lesson here: It's essential to honor your personal brand and style, even if that means devising physically apparent differences to stand out from your peers.

The Wistful Regret

In a candid account to , Lauper expressed regret over the missed opportunity of building a friendship with Madonna. She wished they could have been friends, instead of being seen as opposing forces.

Lesson here: In the race for fame, important relationships and comradery may sometimes be overlooked or sacrificed. They could, however, provide an invaluable support network throughout your career.

The Final Bow

As Cyndi Lauper prepares for her farewell tour, she emphasizes the importance of physical strength and preparation. Yoga, weight exercises, a healthy diet, physical therapy, and vocal coaching are her tools of choice. Being a , she stresses, is as grueling as being an athlete and age should never be an excuse for decreased professionalism or commitment.

Lesson here: Achieving success entails rigorous and planned preparation. Equally important is the commitment to perform at your best, irrespective of your age.


Cyndi Lauper's insights of the journey she undertook alongside Madonna prod us to reevaluate competition and individuality. While rivalry can fuel a desire to succeed, it might also distract from forging vital relationships. As artists, it is vital to remain authentic and prepare rigorously for . The road to success requires training, dedication, and the strength to be yourself.



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