Critics Blame Vin Diesel's Acting For Ruining the 'Last Witch Hunter'

Vin Diesel's The Last Witch Hunter is getting bashed by critics with many people saying it should be the last time Vin Diesel plays that character ever again.

As of Friday morning, The Last Witch Hunter had only a score of 18 percent approval rating from a total of 45 different critics on Rotten Tomatoes. So it begs the question - what makes The Last Witch Hunter so bad? Well, according to critics, bad acting, bad graphics, bad script, and a bad plot. The Los Angeles Times calls it "One of those artlessly restless, exposition-dialogue fantasy-action slogs ..." While the Globe and Mail critic, Manori Ravindran explains that "Seemingly at every juncture, the finality so necessary to up the stakes of this story is quickly snatched away in order to tease a sequel or two, leaving you wondering what the point of this supernatural exercise was in the first place." Boston Globe's Tom Russo bashed producers for casting Vin Diesel, saying : "Even with Diesel's oblivious self-miscasting - he's a producer on the film - "Witch Hunter" feels like genre material that might have found a way to work." Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper called the movie obnoxious.
“It’s just deadly and dreadful, loud and obnoxious, convoluted and irritating, horrible and dumb. Vin Diesel lumbers and mumbles his way through a performance so bad it makes his work on the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise look like vintage Tom Hanks by comparison.”
Toronto Sun critic Bruce Kirkland calls out Vin Diesel's lack of acting skills in The Last Witch Hunter. 
“‘The Last Witch Hunter’ is a horror-comedy. As horror, it is laughable. As comedy, it is horrible — except for a couple of silly Vin Diesel moments as he plays the title character. Designed as a possible movie franchise for Dungeons & Dragons freaks, but likely destined for the box office trash bin, ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ takes place in contemporary times with a prologue set in the mid-1300s … There is not a single scary moment in the movie, despite the overwrought efforts of the effects team deployed by genre director Breck Eisner. Meanwhile, the chunky and clunky Diesel cannot effectively deliver most of the funny lines, either. So ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ fails to find the right tone. It is not even bad enough to be good camp comedy.”
With so many bad reviews expect The Last Witch Hunter to appear in the bottom rankings in the Box Office this weekend.

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