Creatine is Now Considered the Cause Elliot Rodger's Mass Shooting

Weightlifting supplement, Creatine is now considered as the cause of Elliot Rodger's mass shooting.

The latest theory behind what prompted UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger to lose it and kill several innocent people was his "addiction" to weight lifting supplement creatine. The Mirror UK recently interviewed, Chris Akin, who had known Elliot Rodger for years and reports that he noticed a "sinister change in him after he started to take creatine."

He claimed he saw the "anger and changes" in the student - the son of Hollywood director Peter Rodger - during their weekly chats on Skype...

"He would also tell me how he wanted to get into the bodybuilding lifestyle and started on creatine around four months ago. I could notice the anger and changes every time we spoke on Skype.

"I believe he took it everyday. He wouldn't answer my questions about his usage but as time went on you could totally tell the changes in his character.

Creatine is not steroids, it is not a hormone, it is not linked to testosterone, and it does not cause roid rage. It is not crystal meth nor is it a stimulant. What creatine does is essentially increase water retention allowing you to do more reps while working out in the gym. Creatine is one of the most used supplements and it is well studied and considered very safe except for minor kidney issues, if not taken properly.

According to International Business Times, Elliot Rodger was a frequent visitor and user of and in a forum post days before the shooting he complains about being unable to find a girlfriend.


Chris Akin, states in his interview that he was bullied online causing him to "snap".

“I believe there are more factors that contributed to him ‘snapping’, he frequented bodybuilding forums were he was endlessly harassed in private messages and on threads that he created.

“He posted a lot of messages about being alone and wanting women. But this group of people would call him ugly and make fun of him.

“On the messages I saw they would taunt him and tell him he will never get girls and he will be forever alone.”

This is not the first time the website "misc" forums were in the news. In 2008, a member of the forum committed suicide streaming live on Justin.TV while posting his suicide note in the forums. The moderators of the community even egged him on to kill himself.

Biggs, also known as CandyJunkie on the forum ( and Feels Like Ecstasy on Justin.TV, is alleged to have been a “well known troll” on the forum. He created a thread in the “misc” category yesterday afternoon detailing the amount of drugs he planned to take with the intention to kill himself. The moderators of the forum didn't take his threats seriously “on account of his past trolling,” and other forum members continued to egg him on. At that point, Biggs posted his suicide note, which conveyed a general sense of depression and disappointment with life, not necessarily motivated by any hardship or cyber-bullying he may have received online. [Mashable>

It seems as though people are having a hard time justifying or understanding why Elliot Rodger did what he did. It may not look so simple, but it could be that he just hated women for not giving him any attention.


What do you think? Have you ever taken Creatine? Do you think Creatine is the cause of the recent murders? What do you think caused Elliot Rodger to kill so many people? Are you going to take Creatine in the future? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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