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Constant Trouble in Star Wars Franchise: A Close Look at Kathleen Kennedy’s Questionable Decisions

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Key Takeaways:
– Persistent dissatisfaction amongst Wars regarding Kathleen Kennedy's handling of franchise
– Concerns intensify with return of unpopular character, Rey Skywalker, in the Star Wars , Episode X – A New Beginning
– Accusations against Kennedy for allegedly purposefully damaging the Star Wars

Ongoing Unrest in the Star Wars Fandom

The Star Wars saga has been an enduring pillar in the world of science fiction. However, the recent turbulence in the franchise has the fans on stand-by. The unsteady faith in the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, was cemented after the release of Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.

Since the , multiple subsequent projects haven't helped improve this perception. Fans are disappointed with the declining quality of the franchise and feel that the poorly written character of Rey Skywalker, portrayed by Daisy Ridley, is a glaring example of this downfall.

Rey Skywalker: A Struggling Heroine

Despite Ridley's unquestionable , how her character, Rey Skywalker, was written has become a covenant issue in Star Wars fandom. Fans argue that Rey's character development showcases a drawback in the narrative, especially in instances when women's empowerment is the focus.

Subsequent appearances of Rey in later Star Wars projects haven't altered the fan base's negative reaction to the character. These circumstances make a recent development in the series look like a mistake waiting to happen.

Star Wars Episode X: A True New Beginning or More of the Same?

As per the and Television Alliance, Star Wars is set to launch a brand-new iteration of their saga, the Star Wars: Episode X – A New Beginning. Fans should be excited about the prospect of a fresh start, but early revelations have raised concerns about repeating past mistakes.

It's been disclosed that the character of Rey Skywalker will be reviving the Skywalker storyline. Rey's character is scripted to navigate the aftermath of The Rise of Skywalker whilst contributing to the rebuilding of the Jedi Order. This insight has many fans puzzled and frustrated as to why the focus remains on an unliked character.

Kathleen Kennedy: The Force or the Failing Behind Star Wars?

The aftermath of the failure of the series ‘The Acolyte' significantly tarnished the reputation of Star Wars and notably, Kathleen Kennedy. Fans are confused about why their beloved franchise keeps undertaking such detrimental decisions.

In an interview, Kennedy attributed the franchise's decline to the male-centric fan base's alleged dislike for female-led storylines. This claim sparked outrage among the fans, turning more disapproval to Kennedy herself.

Plowing Ahead or Purposeful Sabotage?

Some fans publicly accuse Kennedy of purposefully damaging Star Wars and steering it off course deliberately. They maintain that her actions and choices reflect an intent infuse personal agenda into the storyline. It's a serious allegation, but the pattern of decisions that have been deemed poor by fans contribute to such radical claims.

A Defining Moment for the Franchise?

If Star Wars: Episode X featuring Daisy Ridley fails to captivate and appease fans, it will further tarnish a franchise that was once a touchstone of global pop . The decisions made by Kathleen Kennedy are under critical scrutiny and could potentially make or break the future of the Star Wars series.



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