'The Conjuring' Homeowners Suing Warner Bros.

Owners of the real house from The Conjuring are suing Warner Bros.

When The Conjuring hit theaters two years, the current owners of the actual Rhode Island home depeicted in the movie complained about fans trespassing on their property. Two years later, the couple is still getting a ton of unwanted guests and have decided to sue Warner Bros. Despite several fences and signs saying "No Trespassing", they have not been able to stop visitors from showing up. “Ever since the movie came out, we’ve been harassed, trespassed, stalked, and besieged,” homeowner Norma Sutcliffe told the Boston Globe. “Last Saturday, I called police at 3:30 a.m. because there was a whole group of them outside the house. It’s horrendous.” Sutcliffe and her husband, Gerry Helfrich, are seeking damages along with an installation of a security system and a security plan. Even though Sutcliffe now claims the house is not haunted, there was evidence of her having several strange experiences that demanded outside help. For example, in 2005, the home appeared on an episode of Syfy's Ghost Hunters. Several months before The Conjuring hit theaters, Sutcliffe spoke with Andrea Perron, one of the members of the Perron family who lived through the hauntings. She would later share the video where she describes the strange things she saw happen in the home. The Conjuring is based on the true story of the Perron family who was allegedly tortured by ghosts after moving into a farmhouse in the 1970s. The Conjuring featured Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who played a paranormal investigating team who sought out to help the family. Sutcliffe had no clue about the movie until it was already in production.

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