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Christopher Reeve: The Gentleman of Hollywood in Recollections of ‘Superman III’ Co-star

London, UK - 09/08/2018: Original Superman costume worn by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns (2006) on public display at the O2 Arena. ( Dan Jamieson / Shutterstock.com)

Key Takeaways:
• Co- Annette O'Toole recounts Christopher Reeve's kindness and generosity both on and off camera during the filming of ‘ III'.
• Reeve reportedly surprised O'Toole with to a Simon & Garfunkel when she was still adjusting to her new environment.
• Reeve's embodiment of both Clark Kent and Superman continues to leave an everlasting impact.

Christopher Reeve is not just a star; his grace, charm and gentleness extend far beyond the realm of his memorable roles. One such recollection comes from his ‘Superman III' co-star, Annette O'Toole, who reflects on her experience working with him.

Christopher Reeve's Unforgettable Kindness

Often remembered as the definitive , Christopher Reeve has left an indelible mark on the big screen. However, his kindness off-screen speaks volumes about his real character. Annette O'Toole, who played the role of Clark Kent's childhood friend, Lana Lang, in ‘Superman III' has fond memories of Reeve. She recently talked about Reeve's genuine warmth and kindness on the Inside Of You podcast.

It seems that Reeve was a hit with his co-stars. O'Toole recalls how he made her feel welcome and even treated her to a Simon & Garfunkel concert at a time when she was still trying to adjust to the new environment. His friendly gestures deeply humbled her. Agreeingly, she remembers him as “a gem of a person.”

A Real Superman On and Off the Set

Christopher Reeve was a superhero not only on the big screen. His off-screen acts of kindness make him a real- hero for those fortunate enough to work with him. O'Toole remembers her first interaction with him in ‘Superman III', representing his welcoming spirit.

Recounting her first look at Reeve in the Superman suit, she describes the experience as “mesmerizing” and “amazingly magical.” This first experience on set left a lasting impression on her. The excitement of seeing Reeve transform into Superman is something O'Toole claims any fan would understand.

A Timeless Inspiration

The memory of Reeve's dedication to his role still shines through today. Traces of his character can be seen in every Superman storyline that followed, shaping the heroic figure as an emblem of hope and inspiration. Reeve's ability to capture the of both Clark Kent and Superman remains unmatched and his legacy continues to inspire.

As much as Reeve is remembered for his acting, he is likewise honored for the strength he demonstrated in the face of adversity. Despite his tragic accident that left him paralyzed, his courage and determination shone through.

In Remembrance of a Legend

According to O'Toole, and many others who knew him, Reeve's character was exceptional. He embodied everything one could hope for in a co-worker and friend. He was generous, welcoming, and kind – a true gentleman of Hollywood.

Remembering Reeve today, we can at his extraordinary talent and acknowledge his tremendous heart. His life story reminds us of his strength, both as a heroic on-screen figure and an inspirational off-screen personality. His legacy, therefore, rightfully remains timeless.

Enduring stories of Christopher Reeve's genuine kindness, like those shared by Annette O'Toole, remind us why he is truly a legend in his own right. Not only was he an exceptional , but his off-screen character was equally memorable making him truly a ‘Superman.'



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