Christian Bale Quits Steve Jobs Movie

Christian Bale will no longer play Steve Jobs in the upcoming Aaron Sorkin biopic movie.

Christian Bale has reportedly dropped out of the Steve Jobs movie written by Aaron Sorkin. According to reports Christian Bale was not really feeling the movie. Read more: Seth Rogen to Co-Star in Christian Bale’s Steve Jobs Christian Bale Steve Jobs JStone /
Sources say Bale, after much deliberation and conflicting feelings, came to the conclusion he was not right for the part and decided to withdraw. The script is said to be divided into three acts that detail Jobs preparing for three presentations that came to define his life and the life of the company he co-founded, lost and came back to. Boyle is due in town this week to meet with actors and actresses for the movie. Seth Rogen is in discussions to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, but no official offer has been made. It is unclear how Bale’s departure will affect casting. [TheHollywoodReporter]
Aaron Sorkin will most likely have to go back to the drawing board. Last month, Aaron Sorkin told Bloomberg TV that Christian Bale was playing Jobs. "We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale," the writer said at the time. "He didn’t have to audition. Well, there was a meeting." Read more: Leonardo DiCaprio Eyed to Play Steve Jobs in the Upcoming Steve Jobs Movie This is the second high-profile actor to receive an offer from Sony for the Steve Jobs role but, eventually pass on the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio was in line to star in the upcoming but later decided to work on The Revenant. Read more: Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs in the Upcoming Biopic My guess is that Bale received a memo that Seth Rogen was joining the cast and decided that this movie was not for him. If worse comes to worse, Seth Rogen and James Franco always have great on-screen chemistry. James FrancoWho do you think should replace Christian Bale? Ashton Kutcher? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!