Entertainment NewsCharlize Theron Set to Revive Mrs Voorhees in Defunct Friday the 13th...

Charlize Theron Set to Revive Mrs Voorhees in Defunct Friday the 13th Series


Key Takeaways:

– The stardom of Charlize Theron was to resurge the horror series .
– The high-budgeted Crystal Lake series was discontinued due to disagreements on costs.
– Tragically, Theron, no stranger to playing dark , will not portray a second serial killer character.
– There's disappointment among and Theron about her absence from the Mad Max prequel, Furiosa.


A buzz amid horror movie enthusiasts revolved around the iconic horror series, Friday the 13th, returning to the screens with a new twist. The thrilling news was that Charlize Theron, the Hollywood big shot, was expected to step into the chilling character of the series' main antagonist, Mrs Voorhees. However, the would-be series titled Crystal Lake remains just a promising idea, leaving fans guessing on what the future holds.

Friday the 13th Series on a Hiatus

The Friday the 13th fans knew and loved consisted of 12 thrill-packed films from 1980 up to 2009. The beloved series, though never a darling to critics, was hailed by its fans. The chilling narrative follows Mrs Voorhees and her son Jason, who became unforgettable characters in the slasher genre. After the franchise drew the curtains in 2009, fans eagerly looked forward to stepping back into the thrilling world of Friday the 13th.

Crystal Lake Series: A Lost Dream

The wheels started rolling, again, when news of a new series, Crystal Lake, emerged. The report announced that and A24 were ready to back up this awesome new project. The mega announcement was bigger than expected, featuring the alluring possibility of Theron, an -winning , headlining the show as the notorious Mrs Voorhees.

Status of Crystal Lake: Still a Waiting Game

Sadly, the much-anticipated brainchild of Bryan Fuller, creator of Hannibal, didn't make it past the development stage. Fuller and the co-showrunner, Jim Danger Gray, were reportedly shown the exit door. Amid speculations, the main reason seems to be a tussle over the production budget. Apparently, Bryan Fuller's demands of $9.6 million per episode did not sit well with A24 and Peacock, leading to a shakeup and cancellation.

The Mrs Voorhees That Didn't Happen

With the series hanging on a thread, fans and Theron lovers can only speculate about her fit into the role. Theron, known for her depth in playing challenging characters, was expected to revive the cold-blooded murderer, making her second portrayal of a serial killer since her Oscar-winning performance in Monster, a chilling biopic.

Theron's Mad Max Road Misfortune

Theron has also faced disappointment with another franchise, Mad Max. She starred in Mad Max: Fury Road along with Tom Hardy, giving a mind-blowing performance as Furiosa. Unfortunately, the prequel announcement came with heartbreaking news for Theron: they are replacing her role with a younger . The decision left Theron, as well as her fans, heartbroken, but she has continued to demonstrate grace by wishing the best for the franchise.

The Future of Friday the 13th Series

The sad cofee break of the Friday the 13th series has left fans and Theron herself in anticipation. They are now hoping for a reversal of fortune to see Theron in action in the series. As fans of the brilliant actor and the iconic horror series, we can only sit tight and wait to see what happens next. Will Charlize Theron step into the shoes of Mrs Voorhees, or is her Friday the 13th experience just another dream lost in the tides of Hollywood? Only time will tell.

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