How to Get Registered with Central Casting

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How to get registered with Central Casting. 

Are you moving to Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, or New Orleans and not sure where to get started on your acting career? One of the best ways to get ahead in the industry is by building connections, especially if you do not have an agent, nor any idea of how to get involved in the acting process. One of the best ways to get started as an actor is to become registered with Central Casting. Central Casting is the leading background casting company in the United States. According to Central Casting's Facebook Page, "Central Casting has been providing the entertainment industry with background talent for more than 80 years, offering a full range of background services for every type of production from offices in Los Angeles and New York. So whether you’re a producer looking for background talent, or a background actor looking for work, the crew at Central Casting has the experience and expertise to help meet all of your background needs." They have a ton of projects and opportunities continually going on in the Los Angeles area, and from here, you can build connections and open the door to more possibilities.

Steps to registering with Central Casting:

  1. To register, fill out your information on our website, then make a reservation to visit your local office to complete paperwork and take your casting photo.
  2. To read the full instructions and begin the online registration process, visit Central Casting's Register page.
We would wish you good luck but your an actor now so BREAK A LEG!

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