Did You Spot This Famous Celeb In 'The Walking Dead' Season Finale?

The Walking Dead season 6 finale had several secret celebrity cameos in the episode. Did you catch them?

Fans of The Walking Dead are pretty aware that every episode features dozens of easter eggs, secrets, and even cameos. Since the show started six years ago there are dozens of cameos but, sometimes it's difficult to see who's who especially behind all of that zombie makeup. And this week Greg Nicotero revealed one more secret cameo. During the season 6 finale, there was a particular scene where zombies lined up in front of the road chained together stopping Rick and the gang from moving forward. However, hidden at the very end of this walker chain was a celebrity sibling. According to Moviefone, Nicotero revealed:

"Ashton Kutcher's sister [Tausha Kutcher Kordisch> was a zombie in the scene where we had the Red Rover walkers."

Crazy, right? Here's what Kutcher Kordisch looked like, with zombie make up:

Hi y'all! #walkingdead #zombie #neverdie

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It was pretty difficult to spot her in the scene, but she was actually the last walker in the long chain. You can check her photo out below. Outside of appearing in The Walking Dead, Kutcher Kordish doesn't seem to be attracted to the limelight like her brother Ashton. And when she's not working as a zombie extra, she works for a merchandising company, Chloe + Isabel. Another interesting fact, Nicotero revealed is that the walker who struggled with Carol was actually played by twins. The executive producer of The Walking Dead explains: "The walker that Carol fought near the dumpster, I hired two twins because we did the before and after. Because Carol grabs the hair and pulls it, stretches the face off. It was the two girls that play harp at the conventions, these two blonde girls."
That's right. Harp-playing commercial acting identical twins Camille and Kennerly Kitt both played this walker. What better way to get a before-and-after shot than to use identical twins? via MovieFone

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