Casting Director FIRED After This "Racist" Casting Call

Zoom Flume water park fires casting director a "racist" casting call goes viral.

Casting directors are the unsung heroes of any TV show, movie or commercial. They take an idea and puzzle in the pieces together to create a masterpiece. However, along the way mistakes can be made. Such as choosing the wrong actor for a lead role or posting a controversial casting call. According to ABCNews10, an area water park is in hot water after a casting call for a commercial was deemed "racist" by the community. In fact, a New York family is boycotting the water park after seeing the casting call on Facebook. So what made this casting call racist? Apparently, the Zume Flume Water Park commercial was looking for two Caucasian families. From ABC News 10:

Her anger stemmed from a casting call posted on the Hudson Valley Film Commission Facebook Page that stated it was looking for “two, well-groomed Caucasian families” to star in a Zoom Flume commercial.

After the casting call went viral, the water parker fired the casting agency. And now families are demanding their money back. One family reportedly told ABC News 10 "I just want my money back,” she said. “I’m not going there. We work hard for our money. I’d like to take them somewhere else.” Unfortunately for her, the water park denied her refund. This is not the first time a casting company got in trouble for casting a particular race for a TV show, movie or commercial. As The Daily Beast pointed out, the hit Broadway musical Hamilton was bashed for being racist after looking for non-white actors, singers, and rappers to join the Broadway show. Hamilton casting directors would later change the casting notice to include both non-white and white performers. Via ABC News 10 Related: What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.