Cars Broken into While Atlanta Extras Were Working on Set

Crime Scene

Several months ago Queen Latifah's car was carjacked while she was working on the hit Fox TV series Star. Atlanta police officers were later able to find the car outside of an apartment complex in Atlanta.

According to the Fulton County police report, someone left behind lemonade and fruit punch bottles inside the car. The carjacking was a bit of a shock and quickly became national news.

But, carjackings is becoming more of a problem in Atlanta. In fact, the current Fulton County Commissioner Marvin Arrington Jr., responded by saying people are “under attack”.

Now, background extras working on the set of the new season of Spartan Challenge had their cars broken into last night. Many of those who were affected by the robbery took to Facebook to share their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations.

"I would be more than happy to provide lot security for an acceptable rate," one Atlanta extra wrote on Facebook.

Another person explained that was the reason why the Braves decided to leave Turner Field. "No bueno! But how ironic with the Braves' opening night tonight & the crime at Turner Field (among other things) was the reason for the move...," he said on Facebook.

Casting directors took to Facebook and issued a statement regarding the situation:

“Ok let me set the record straight. We had two tapings for Spartan Race last night. 7pm and 11:30pm. When the people front he 11:30pm taping returned to their cars, 12 had been broken into. Not 30 not 40. It was 12. It sucked. Police reports were filed and the producer gave his personal email out to the victims. I demanded the situation be handled or I would cancel all the BG for the remaining nights. They replaced the security company with another and are doubling the staff. My assistants will confirm with the security that they are there the entire time. ~ Rose

Thankfully, those affected will be assisted by the producers and production.

"I just got off with the line producer and production will taking care of those affected," the casting company later added.

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