Entertainment NewsCall for Scott Derrickson to Reassume Director's Chair in Doctor Strange 3

Call for Scott Derrickson to Reassume Director’s Chair in Doctor Strange 3


Key Takeaways:

– Scott Derrickson's personal investment and commitment to the franchise could make him the ideal director for the third installment.
– Derrickson affirmed his smooth relationship with Marvel Studios and hinted at his interest in Doctor Strange 3.
– A darker, -influenced direction for Doctor Strange 3 could benefit from Derrickson's touch.

Scott Derrickson's Return: What it Could Mean for Doctor Strange 3

After Doctor Strange's debut in 2016, directed by Scott Derrickson, fans have been eagerly waiting for more stories comprehending the time-space wizard's journey. Both Derrickson and Marvel Studios have enjoyed a successful collaboration, culminating in the first Doctor Strange film. Despite Derrickson's departure after the film, the discussion around his potential return for Doctor Strange 3 gains traction.

Derrickson's Investment and Vision for Doctor Strange

Although fans widely appreciated the unique visuals and script of Doctor Strange under Sam Raimi's direction, many a lack of continuity from the developed in WandaVision. Derrickson, who invested his own and effort into the first Doctor Strange film, passionately stands to redeem the series' magic once again. The director had shown Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, his dedication to the project during the initial , which reinforces the idea of him reprising his role in the anticipated sequel.

Continued Bond Between Derrickson and Marvel Studios

Despite handing over the reins to Sam Raimi for , Derrickson's relationship with Marvel Studios remains strong. During an on The Discourse , he reassured fans that his relationship with Kevin Feige and Marvel is very cordial. He stated he even attended the premiere of the second installation, demonstrating his on-going support for the franchise.

Horror Elements to Enhance Doctor Strange 3

Derrickson's return would also signify the chance to see the horror aspects of the story that he initially intended to depict. The third film's narrative is predicted to delve deep into the dark dimension, which aligns perfectly with Derrickson's knack for infusing horror elements into his works. Although Raimi's capabilities in the horror genre are undeniable, Derrickson's evident enthusiasm could bring a fresh yet familiar perspective to the storyline.

Restoring Faith in MCU

In addition to stringing together the narrative threads dispersed throughout the franchise, Derrickson's potential return could stir excitement among the MCU fandom. His commitment and readiness for directing another Doctor Strange film could restore fans' faith in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and offer a cinematic experience that aligns with the preceding Marvel films.

In conclusion, the speculation revolving around Scott Derrickson's return for Doctor Strange 3 has us holding our breath. His passion for the character, his camaraderie with Marvel Studios, and his open interest in directing the next sequel make him an ideal choice that would undoubtedly spice up the world of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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