This Bulldog Wins Most Prestigious Acting Award in the World

Nellie the Bulldog wins Palm Dog - most prestigious acting award for dogs in the world.

Related: Sean Penn’s New Movie Called ‘Racist’ At Cannes Film Festival The Cannes Film Festival brings some of the biggest stars from all around the world. But, you would assume all of the movie stars walk on two legs. According to reports, one of the most prestigious awards, Palme D'or award, for best movie of the festival went to Palm Dog, for best acting performance by a dog in a movie. Sadly, this year's award was a posthumous one, with the honor going to the late, legendary Nellie the bulldog. Palm Dog 2016 Nellie started her life as a rescue dog, and her breakout role as Marvin, a male dog in the movie Paterson. Other notable dogs from the festival include a dalmatian in In Bed With Victoria and a three-legged mutt in I, Daniel Blake. Watch Nellie's performance alongside Adam Driver in director Jim Jarmusch's crowd-favorite Paterson, which will be released by Amazon later this year. You can watch a clip of the dog's acting skills above. Related: Kristen Stewart’s New Movie Booed at Cannes Film Festival What do you think? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.