Entertainment NewsBryce Dallas Howard May Revolutionize Star Wars With Her Own Show

Bryce Dallas Howard May Revolutionize Star Wars With Her Own Show


Key Takeaways:

– Bryce Dallas Howard indicates interest in directing her own film or TV show.
– Fans applaud Howard's proposal, considering her success with The Mandalorian .
– She's seen as a beacon of hope amidst disappointment over -led Star Wars projects.
– Star Wars: Skeleton hints at Howard's return to the franchise as a director.

Will Bryce Dallas Howard Save The Star Wars Franchise?

Star of the Star Wars universe, Bryce Dallas Howard, has won many hearts through her remarkable direction of The Mandalorian. Now, she has set her sights on possibly directing her own Star Wars film or TV series. In light of this news, many fans have thrown their full support behind Bryce, hoping she brings a fresh breath of air to the Star Wars franchise.

Bryce's Track Record and Future Aspirations

Making her debut as a director in the Mandalorian, Bryce Dallas Howard garnered tremendous applause for her work. Fast forward to , her recent statement expressing her desire to direct a Star Wars film has been well received by fans. Now, reports have surfaced that she might return in her directing role in the upcoming Star Wars show, Skeleton Crew.

Fans Rally to Support Bryce

Unsettled by the recent Star Wars releases, fans have been rallying behind Bryce Dallas Howard. The latest release, The Acolyte, received a poor 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating disappointment among viewers. However, fans have faith in Bryce, believing that she has a fair understanding of the franchise's and could potentially lead a revamp.

Fans Take to Social Media

Social media responses from fans show an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm and support for Bryce Dallas Howard. handles like @iamchrispaezjr, @Psitech, @blkkenyb, and others declared confidence in Bryce's potential to revitalize the Star Wars universe. Many believe that her intimate knowledge of the franchise, coupled with her talent and enthusiasm, make her the ideal choice to lead a new Star Wars project.

Star Wars: A Tough Landscape

Unfortunately, there's been a clash of views regarding the recent release, The Acolyte. Some fans believe that the show has been intentionally rated low due to a bias against the female creators. Nevertheless, the critique regarding poor writing and deviation from the original Star Wars canon remains persistent.

Bryce's Thoughts on the Challenge Ahead

Understanding the challenge of creating a Star Wars project, Bryce acknowledges the courage and proficiency required for it. Her admiration for creators who have managed Star Wars projects successfully so far was evident in her recent statement. Despite the hurdles, she asserts that she would jump at the opportunity of directing her own Star Wars project, highlighting her excitement and ambition in the film world.

Showrunners Who Earned Bryce's Admiration

In her statement, Bryce Dallas Howard commended creators like Jon Watts, Dave Filoni, and Jon Favreau. She praised their respectful handling of the Star Wars franchise, regarding both the lore and the filmmaking practices that have made the series legendary.


As Star Wars aficionados look forward to Howard's work in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, many are hoping that her wish to direct her own Star Wars comes true. It is a wish shared not just by the fans, but also by the commendable director herself. Should this come to fruition, we can expect a Star Wars offering backed by immense talent, passion, and for the beloved franchise.

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