'Boondock Saints' Prequel TV Series Coming Soon

A 'Boondock Saints' Prequel TV series is coming soon.

The movie that launched Norman Reedus' acting career, 'Boondock Saints' is being developed into a TV series.According to IM Global Entertainment, a television prequel series to The Boondock Saints is in the works! Diverse News Report points out that the original director and writer of the 'Boondock Saints' movie and its sequel, Troy Duffy, is slated to write the television series and direct the pilot. Duffy will also be the executive producer of the series along with Don Carmody, Lloyd Segan and D. Matt Geller. Stars of the original movie, Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) and Sean Flannery, are possibly going to be co-executive producers. Boondock-Saints-3-News “For years I’ve been obsessed with telling a real origin story with Boondock, and IM Global TV has stepped up,” Duffy said. “Television is the perfect medium to explore these controversial characters on a much deeper level and to bring Boondock Saints to a whole new audience.” The Boondock Saints, which hit the movie theaters in 1999 and became a cult classic, centers around two Irish brothers who become vigilantes and fight against the underworld criminals of Boston. The Boondock Saints TV series would deal with the brothers’ origin story and events in their lives before what happened in The Boondock Saints. The entire franchise, which has its own comic book series published by 12 Gauge Comics, has earned more than $260 million dollars so far. Discuss this story with fellow Project Casting fans on Facebook. On Twitter, follow us at @projectcasting.

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