How a Headshot Left a Baby Blind

A 3 month old baby was left permanently blind as a family tried to take a headshot of the newborn.

In the modeling and filmmaking industry the headshot is one of the most important things for any model or actor. Many parents are confident that their newborns and toddlers are the next A-list star but, unknown to them they could be putting their child at risk. A three-month-old baby left blind in one eye after family friend forgot to turn off the camera flash while taking a photo close up. The camera on a mobile phone was held about 10 inches away from the baby. Doctors in China say he has suffered irreparable damage to his eyes. According to reports, flash has damaged the macula, which is where light rays are focused. Experts warn that youngsters are sensitive to strong light until age of four. Next time you are taking a photo of your niece, nephew, or your own little one, remember to turn the flash off, it could probably save them from going blind.