'Blade Runner 2' is Coming Soon Featuring Harrison Ford

'Blade Runner 2' is coming soon and it is expected to feature Harrison Ford.

Reports from Deadline indicate that Harrison Ford is set to reprise his role of Rick Deckard in the sequel to Blade Runner.  The new sequel is based on the 1980s hit feature film. The sequel will feature the original screenwriter Hampton Fancher and Michael Green and will take place decades after the original hit movie. Alcon Entertainment purchased the rights to the Blade Runner series in 2011 from the producer Bud Yorkin. Blade_Runner_poster
Alcon actually sent a press release out that it offered the role to Ford (which is unusual in itself), but Ford gave an interview recently that he was anxious to see the script for Blade Runner. He has expressed interest in reprising the role in the past, but no deal is set as he has yet to read the script. If Ford agrees to the script, this is the second audience-pleasing role that the actor would be stepping into. [Deadline>
Between filming Star Wars Episode 7 and 'Blade Runner 2' Harrison Ford is going to be a busy man. JJ Abrams is currently directing and co-writing the script with Lawrence Kasdan and producing with Kathleen Kennedy and Bryan Burk.