Ben Affleck's 'Live By Night' To Film in Atlanta, Georgia

Ben Affleck's new movie 'Live By Night' will film in Atlanta starting this July.

According to Come Tour Georgia, Ben Affleck's new movie, 'Live By Night' will film in Atlanta, Georgia after halting production for nearly a year. Ben Affleck recently commented on this upcoming project: “Basically I’m doing a movie called Live By Night and I’m trying to meet this schedule in order to do it, in order to meet the back end so that I can have it released at the right time, and I just hadn’t gotten enough writing done and it became clear that if I took that job [acting in ‘Focus’> and was in Buenos Aires for three months, I was gonna miss the deadline.  I had to choose between getting the movie out when I want to or doing this one, so reluctantly I chose the [former]. But I love those guys, I love Kristen, I was really excited to work with her, I think the movie’s gonna be fabulous, and I’m sure they’ll find a great guy for it.”” affleck-live-by-night-656 Affleck, will be playing Joe Coughlin, the youngest son of a respectable Boston police captain who grows up to become an employee of the city’s most fearsome (and successful) mobsters during Prohibition-era America.