Why 'Batman v. Superman' and 'Iron Man 2' Are the Same Exact Movie [VIDEO]

24 reasons Batman v. Superman and Iron Man 2 are the same exact movie.

Apparently, Iron Man 2 and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice have more in common than you would think. YouTuber Couch Tomato revealed in an amazing video essay the comparisons between the two movies, revealing the 24 ways in which the plots and storylines of the two movies overlap. While some of the similarities are common storylines in superhero movies and TV shows, like a secret hideout and rich billionaires that fight crime at night. But, some of the similarities are pretty much direct carbon copies of each other. For example, the red headed love interest, drinking martinis, and the black guy with one good eye. Here's the list of the 24 similarities:
  1. “Months” later intro
  2. Government contracts revoked
  3. Billionaire superhero
  4. Secret headquarters under glass house
  5. Nuclear deterrence
  6. Summoned to Capitol Hill
  7. Senator calls out hero on TV
  8. Red head love interest
  9. Party at rich CEO’s mansion
  10. Too many martinis
  11. Newspaper collection on wall
  12. “False god”
  13. Russian weapons trafficker
  14. Black guy with one good eye
  15. Conversation with dead dad
  16. Swings sledgehammer
  17. Laser experiment with goggles
  18. Rediscovers new element
  19. Villain betrays his master
  20. Fight at statue
  21. Two red lasers
  22. Tangled in a rope
  23. CEO arrested
  24. Ends with superhero recruiting
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