'Batman V. Superman' Box Office Earnings Drop Nearly 90%

Box office earnings for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice drop nearly 90%.

Despite destroying critics' expectations, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice became a Box Office hit movie earning millions upon millions in theaters. But surprisingly, in it's second weekend at the box office the Ben Affleck movie dropped an astonishing 81% from weekend to weekend. It's assumed that Warner Bros. was hoping that word of mouth would cause the box office numbers to increase but, it looks as though not even Superman is immune from bad reviews. batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice-ben-affleck-1 According to reports, it has now dropped a record amount in its second week. The movie was only predicted earn $58 million, but it missed even that low prediction by $5 million dollars. Apparently, there's not enough superpowers in the world that would make people want to leave their homes to see Batman and Superman fight each other. To add insult to injury, the movie was going up against basically no new competition this weekend and no other action movies. Hopefully, this doesn't impact the upcoming Suicide Squad, which is currently filming major reshoots following Batman v. Superman reviews. Or, Wonder Woman or The Justice League movies. (via /Film)

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