Batman Killed in Tragic Car Accident in Baltimore

Batman impersonator killed while checking the batmobile's engine.

Authorities say a man known for visiting hospitalized children dressed as Batman died in a crash on a western Maryland highway after his Batmobile had engine trouble. According to police, 51-year-old Leonard Robinson was checking the engine of his Batmobile while standing in the fast lane of eastbound I-70 Sunday night when the car with hit by a Toyota Camry. batman-lambo-876 The driver of the Camry wasn't injured. Washington Post reported in 2012 that Robinson spent more than $25,000 of his own hard earned money on Batman-related items every year, including toys, T-shirts and books he gave away to kids. Robinson was known for traveling in costume to hospitals in Baltimore and gained national attention in 2012 when dashcam video surfaced of police pulling him over while he was driving his Batmobile.