Bad Bunny On Taking The Role of El Muerto for Marvel


Moscow, Russia - March, 2018: Marvel logo sign printed on banner. Marvel Comics Group is a publisher of American comic books and related media (Ekaterina Kupeeva /

Bad Bunny is considering taking on the role of El Muerto for Sony and Marvel.

Bad Bunny announced his role in Sony and Marvel's upcoming El Muerto superhero film, describing his enthusiasm for the character and the doors it will open.

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Even though El Muerto is less well-known than other Latinx Marvel characters, Camacho explained why he felt the character was "perfect" for him in his latest GQ cover story. "I grew up watching wrestling," he said, and El Muerto happens to be a wrestler with generational powers. He added, "This role is perfect, and I know El Muerto is going to be epic. I'm a Marvel fan, and the fact that I'm now part of this family still feels like a dream."

He also spoke about the pressure he feels from his movie. "Maybe, for some people, it's different in that the higher they go, the less pressure they feel because maybe they're confident that everything they do will be a success." He continued, "But I'm the opposite—the more I acquire an audience, the more I go up, the more pressure I feel to keep going. Sometimes, I can't sleep thinking about that. I go days without sleeping."

He also previously stated the significance of El Muerto during an appearance on The View., "The thing is, it's not like, the first Latino acting in a Marvel movie—it's the first [Latino> main role, adding, "I think people are gonna be proud about my work."

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